Office and Dental Team

It seems reasonable that someone who is contemplating the possibility of entering a business or practice should have some idea of the belief system within that organization. Our 10 most significant positions are listed below:

  • that all who enter our practice will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • that each person is special with unique goals and values
  • That given truthful information, in a trusting, caring relationship, we will make decisions about our health that are in our best interest.
  • that each individual should know:
    • the state of their oral health
    • their treatment choices
    • the consequences of those choices
    • the cost of the treatment before beginning
  • that our teeth are meant to last a lifetime
  • that it is better to treat the cause and not the symptom
  • that it is better to prevent than to treat a problem
  • that the health of the mouth can affect the overall health of the body.
  • that our bodies are designed to heal
  • that we as individuals are ultimately responsible for our own health